I always have a camera with me whether it’s my DSLR, Film SLR, various point and shoots, and at the very least, my camera phone. <br />
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I'm Richard and these are my photographs. They are photos of wherever I travel and whatever I happen to see in my daily life. <br />
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Since I started college, I have put off taking a photography class because I needed to take a required course or it didn't fit in my schedule. That was a BIG mistake. So eight years after starting college and completing a couple degrees, I'm finally taking photography classes and loving it even more.<br />
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These are my photos...

Hi I'm Richard and thanks for visiting my site. I started in photography as a personal hobby taking landscapes and travel photos of wherever I happened to be. I studied photojournalism which gave me training and experience  in event and sports photography, portraiture, lighting, and visual storytelling. 

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